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Chicago Private Client Sessions Summer 2023

Chicago Private Client Sessions Summer 2023

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Chicago Sessions

June 9th

June 10th

June 11th

PRICE: $4444


When you come to Munchkins and Mohawks we are not simply making pretty photos. My intention is to be an illustrator of your family’s story. Like any story, there are pages, chapters, pictures, and authors. You already have your story, I am here to help you tell it.


Typically each client receives 20-30 fully edited images of your family's consciously made art. We can help you with displaying and creating family heirlooms based on what aligns with you. You will receive $500 to use toward your displayed artwork.


Sessions take place at sunset at a location suited to your story in the Chicago area. We plan on spending time together playing, creating, and just being with each other in an authentic way. This will not be an evening of stress or another thing to check off your list, but one of presence and connection....and I will capture that for you.


A call will be scheduled with Tiffany to feel into your family's energy. We will look to co-create a visual representation of your family's story. Through shared pinboards and idea sharing, an intention and cohesive theme will be birthed to set the stage for your family's storybook, including styling, set location, and props to fully tell the tale.

$1000 is due at the time of booking your session. This is only refundable if we can find someone to take your spot. The remainder of the balance is due when the images are delivered. 

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