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Head in the Clouds - CMPro Breakout Session by Munchkins and Mohawks & Clickin Moms

Head in the Clouds - CMPro Breakout Session by Munchkins and Mohawks & Clickin Moms

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Still struggling to set yourself apart from the competition? Are you looking to create imagery that is engaging? Follow Tiffany from Munchkins and Mohawks as she helps you take a journey to discover your imaginative self.  With our step by step short film you will come along while Tiffany creates extraordinary images in ordinary places. In this session we will cover finding out what makes you unique, freeing yourself from limits, getting creative and making all this happen.  Then learn how she edits in a 1 hour 15 minute Lightroom video tutorial or watch a 1 hour 40 minute Q & A session covering her business and editing techniques.



* A 40 page PDF loaded with inspiring images, plus tips on how to differentiate yourself from the pack.  Including making yourself unique, getting over things that are inhibiting you and reaching the next level.
* A 12 page reference guide on what you'll need in preparation for your photoshoots.
*1 hour 15 minute screen capture video of Tiffany editing.
*15 minute short film of Tiffany finding actual locations on the spot. She tells you how she find the best spots to shoot in and how to work with any location.


*1 hour 40 minute question and answering session. Screen capture video reviewing Tiffany's images with first hand tips about her photography and Lightroom and Photoshop process.
*3 Exclusive Lightroom Presets

  • Cool Nights 
  • Ring Around the Rosey
  • Golden Hour 



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